Cell Division

Explore base: Cell Division - Gem Grab map

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Cell Division - Gem Grab  map
  • Created by: Lab2point0
  • Event: Gem Grab


  • Grave Block: 6
  • Tombstone: 18
  • Magenta Box: 2
  • Magenta Barrel: 8
  • Grave Fence: 46
  • Trunk: 2
  • Navy Candle: 2
  • Launch Pad: 2
  • Bush: 174

Cell Division is a community map for the Gem Grab event.


The map consists of a large bush area near spawns and two bushes on the left separated by a wall. One can use a launch pad to jump into that bush.

Tips Friendly tank brawlers, turrets and pets (eg. Nita's bear and Jessie's turret) can easily be deployed to the opposing team's side utilizing the launch pads as a distraction. One can use the launch pads in a desperate attempt to get gems. However, keep in mind that this area will also be closely watched by the opposing team.