Builder Hall 7 - CoC Base Layouts Links - page 2

Download/Copy Base links, Maps, Layouts for Builder Hall 7 in Builder Base Clash of Clans - page 2

BH7 - Crusher outside
4 months ago176 Views14 Downloads2 Likes
a simple BH7 base
4 months ago230 Views15 Downloads0 Likes
a nice BH7 Base
4 months ago264 Views66 Downloads1 Likes
 BH 7 hybrid base
4 months ago218 Views40 Downloads1 Likes
 BH7 anti air smart base
4 months ago1776 Views1256 Downloads29 Likes
BH6 trophy base - Anti giants
4 months ago326 Views154 Downloads4 Likes
BH6 anti-witch Base
4 months ago297 Views90 Downloads1 Likes
BH7 Top Base v4
4 months ago541 Views239 Downloads9 Likes
BH7 Best Base v3
4 months ago766 Views345 Downloads7 Likes
BH7 Top Base v2
4 months ago583 Views262 Downloads7 Likes
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TH9 War Trophy Base v59
25 days ago938 Views283 Downloads5 Likes
Clash of Clans icon logo black bg
a month ago49 Views2 Downloads0 Likes
BH5 Best Base v12
2 months ago4122 Views2943 Downloads59 Likes
a good Th9 base
4 months ago192 Views52 Downloads2 Likes
TH8 War Trophy v37 - anti GiWiPe
16 days ago1630 Views513 Downloads23 Likes
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