Town Hall 13 - CoC Hybrid Base Links - page 4

Download/Copy Hybrid Base links , Maps, Layouts for Town Hall 13 in Home Village of Clash of Clans - page 4

TH13 Trophy/War base v494
a year ago1935 Views289 Down10 Likes3 !
TH13 Hybrid/Legend League base v452
a year ago2287 Views380 Down10 Likes0 !
TH13 Ring/War/Trophy base v446
a year ago2506 Views473 Down35 Likes7 !
TH13 Trophy/War/Hybrid base v445
a year ago3276 Views698 Down15 Likes5 !
TH13 Trophy/War/Hybrid base v441
a year ago2616 Views330 Down4 Likes0 !
TH13 Trophy/War/Hybrid base v396
a year ago2550 Views371 Down16 Likes4 !
TH13 Trophy/War/Hybrid base v388
a year ago3826 Views826 Down33 Likes7 !
TH13 Farm/Trophy/Hybrid base v375
a year ago4320 Views631 Down39 Likes5 !
TH13 Farm/Trophy/War Base v374
a year ago3855 Views857 Down19 Likes1 !
TH13 Trophy/War base v338
a year ago4941 Views1576 Down38 Likes7 !
TH13 troll base v271
a year ago2648 Views484 Down12 Likes2 !