Star Points -Brawl Stars - Brawl Stars

Star Points -Brawl Stars - Brawl Stars

Star Points -Brawl Stars


  • At the end of each season, Brawlers above 550 have a portion of their trophies removed, and Star Points are awarded in exchange for them.
  • Star Points are also rewarded when achieving certain ranks for Brawlers:
  • Rank 10 = 100 Star Points
  • Rank 15 = 200 Star Points
  • Rank 20 = 300 Star Points
  • Rank 25 = 400 Star Points
  • Rank 30 = 500 Star Points
  • Rank 35 = 600 Star Points
  • Star Points are awarded for playing Power Play. At the end of the Power Play season, Star Points are awarded according to how many Power Play points the player earns. In addition, the top 200 players in the world with the highest Power Play points will be awarded with Star Points based on their position.

Brawl Boxes

  • You can buy Brawl Boxes in the shop for Star Points. These are not in the Star Shop section but instead offered in the Daily Deals section. They only appear with limited time when each season ends and can only be bought once per season deal.
  • Big Box = 500 Star Points
  • Mega Box = 1500 Star Points
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