Rage - Clash Royale Rage - Clash Royale

Increases troop movement and attack speed. Buildings attack faster and summon troops quicker, too. Chaaaarge!

Rage - Clash Royale
The Rage card is unlocked from the Hog Mountain (Arena 10). It is a spell that increases the attack speed and movement speed of troops and buildings by 35% in the spell's area of effect. A Rage card costs 2 Elixir to cast. The Rage is a deep purple potion packed in a large bottle similar to its Clash of Clans counterpart.
radiusboostelixir costtargetraritytypearenarelease date
5+35%2Friendly Troops & BuildingsEpicSpellHog Mountain4 January 2016
66.0 sec
76.5 sec
87.0 sec
97.5 sec
108.0 sec
118.5 sec
129.0 sec
139.5 sec